Factory Club presents Alex Nude along w Axel (Sat 01.12.18)

Alex Nude has been in the limelight as a DJ for over a decade. Based in Mykonos island since 2013, he has been one of Scorpios (Mykonos) resident artists and became well known from his branded night “Blaq Theory” at the world-class Nightclub Moni (Mykonos)!
On the 9th of November (2018) marks his debut as a producer. Together with Dennis Dowlut aka DD (vocals / guitar) they brought us “This Time”. The single is a melancholic but still club resonating work, that showcase the different inspirations from both artists. Remixed by the head honcho of Offering Recordings – Boddhi Satva – this EP will have a place of choice in your playlists.
Alex Nude is becoming one of the most sought-after DJ’s coming out of Greece. During 2016-2018, Alex Nude has also performed in Hong Kong, Melbourne, Sydney, London, Belgrade & Cyprus.


Entrance fee: 3€